A mentor of mine of Asian Indian descent, Dinesh D’Souza has just alerted me to wake up. Regarding what? Well I can’t remember what category he was proposing a wake up , but it closely resembles a remark or a campaign by another of his lansmen.

His fellow countryman would be Tony deMello, a Jesuit priest who has mentored me for years.Tony I know was from Goa, and hence the “D before his name indicating Portugese ” influence. The same could be true of Dinesh but I don’t know for sure. I just like their clraity and intelligence.

Tony has constantly been calling for awareness, so as to displace illusions. Dwelling on illusions leads to living an unreal life. Dinesh just called for us to awaken so we can see what is really occuring. They sound very similar, but have different life paths.

Both words can mean very much the same thing.As a matter of fact Tony often says wake up, eventhough his main theme is awareness. Often he says many words can be used to explain the same idea. He always says you can express the same idea in many ways. But they all mean seeing the truth, the reality of a situation.

How do you know what is real and what is not? Real does not depend on theories or procedures. Experiencing a thing is what is necessary. Not being concerned about what others may say.

Why am I even mentioning all this? Because these men from similar backgrounds are both pointing out how many things are cloaked in disguises. They can be misleading in many ways. Dinesh speaks about history, politics, and economics. Tony speaks more from a philosophical and theological  perspective.

My dilemma is an elevated blood pressure reading that I can’t seenm to reduce .I use energy techniques , a half measure raw food diet, and other assorted supplements. Nothing has worked yet, but I will stick with my plan of energy use and observation.

My BP problem seems to be of mental origin and I’m not getting to the answer.Tony says just observe, and see what comes up.A problem will dissolve when observed. Maybe I have not taken this to heart fully.

Let this Holy Saturday be the start of a new observerence of myself.

I will keep this piece open and unpublished to be able to add to this coming week. Well, I have edited a bit and added a bit , but only going through it will suffice.



There was a school in England where children were allowed to be themselves. There was no fear of failure or the studying of repugnant subjects. You were allowed to study whatever appealed to you.You could pursue any life course that you wanted. If your surgeon father or attorney mother wanted you to follow in their footsteps, it only happened if you wanted it.

Many a supposedly successful profesional had their dreams for their children dashed, but they had happily attaining children with lives they had chosen.

A.S. Neil the founder of Summerhill knew that unhappy children were always staying close to their parents. They lived in fear of not having their parents approval. Approval is a strong drug that has been drilled into the lives of these unhappy souls.Happy well adjusted children were much more interested in things than people and had no need of parental attention.

They pursued their interests and thrived on their freedom. They grew in all ways by being allowed to explore and judge for themselves what is good for them.

The general rule of minding your own business and staying out of others concerns was observed at Summerhill.

There is a book of the same name that can be read for an in depth portrayal of daily life at the school. The many successes of the graduates are also told to show how well giving freedom works in the educational field.


A mentor I have has recently told me that you cannot rely on anyone or believe anything that happens is real. I think he is right. Every place I look I find information that I have believed in the past to be true is merely made up to obfuscate the fact. What do we know to be really true. Actually nothing. Everyone seems to have their own program and reasons for you believing one way or another.

It’s obnoxious to think that priests have lied on purpose to create an atmosphere of trust. Maybe they are unwitting tools of their bosses and are ordered to push a certain theme. Or maybe they haver been duped like I know I have, and like most of my friends who I grew up with.

Today information is swept clean or denuded of pertinent details that would allow us to see more truth.The controlled media keeps us from full knowledge of what is transpiring in the world.

My mentor said yesterday that I should follow three rules, after realizing that it is all baloney. 1. Keep your head down. 2. Try to die not in a prison cell 3.Try to die owing as much money as you are able. Some of these rules are funny, but I believe when looked at closely they make sense.

Keeping your head down means not making a target of your self to the innumerable government agencies that busybody around looking for people to entrap. If they can get you behind the eight ball, they can bleed you dry emotionally, financially, and spiritually.They have the tools to bring you down. Keep your head down and don’t discuss your plans with anyone. Your most trusted friends can be persuaded to testify against you to save their own skins.So if you really like them, don’t trust them. Why put a target on their back? The friend of today could be just the busybody who feels you are going a little too far. For religious or political reasons, anyone could betray you.

The second rule may seem far fetched, because in all practicality you are probably an honest person who follows their conscience and the laws of your locale. But anything can be adjusted and turned against you if someone wants to get you.Therefore keeping your own counsel is important, and a good way to stay out of jail.

The third rule just means that thefinancial institutions are dishonest from their beginnings. We are pigeons for bankers, lawyers and religious entities of all kinds. And they are all in collusion. One can’t operate without the other, and if one steps into a bear trap the others will run to their rescue to avoid being exposed themselves.

Your own intuition is probably the only source of succor for any of us. We have been taught to seek expert advice for everything. The schools taught us this to ensure that that slipperly slopes instituted by our loving priests, the money pits created by our legislators, entrusted with our safety, and the financial traps set to catch us unawares- all benefit from our lack of knowledge and trust.

We need to develop trust in ourselves only. That is the only way we can help ourselves . Then others can follow our lead if they choose.


The practice of lending out more money than you have on deposit, so that not all depositors could expect to receive their money back from the depository is what this involves. At some point dishonesty can come into play.What deceitful type of individual thought this idea up.

The gold and silver smiths of the late Middle Ages would take gold and silver deposits from customers who had full confidence that their metals on deposit could be redeemed upon demand. But the crafty realized that once the metals were on deposit ,the total remained quite constant. They began to think that they could gain side profits by using their deposits for other purposes.They could stretch the use of the metals as far as could not be detected by the original customers.

This arrangement worked well until some catastrophe occured that involved many in the community. Their duplicity would become apparent at these times. If they were not overly extended, sometimes they could cover with their own funds. In the event that all demands could not be satisfied, a lynching could ensue.

The same conditions exist today with the Federal Reserve System, but their errors and oversights are covered by the American taxpayer. Ultimately the United States Armed Forces will back up the crafty bankers.

Most people are unaware that these problems could occur. They are kept ignorant by the controlled media, a thoroughly corrupt Congress, and the distractions of Hollywood and the sports combines.Rome called it Bread and Circuses. We could probably just call it indolence and lack of concern.We are involved with thrill seeking and pursits that are meant to keep us from seeing the real show being performed before our eyes.


My mentor who is also a spiritual advisor, says that there is but one good and one evil.Each can assume many names and characteristics, but one each is all there is.

The one good is love. We can call it happiness or bliss ,but the meaning always entails love. Wanting to be loved does not qualify. That would mean desire to be admired or some other aspect that would require someone else to do something. He went on to say that you are never in love with someone. You are in love with your image of what that person is, not what they really are. Being in love with someone is not based in reality.

The one evil is fear. Everything that is evil stems back to a fear of something.When we live in fear we deny ourselves complacency and the joy of just being. You cannot relax and feel comfortable because we are tied into the good opinion of others.It is a large anchor.

If we can detach from anchors, or he calls them attachments, we can feel a freedom as never before. We are not bound by convention or others whims.

It sounds enticing.To achieve a state of bliss we need add nothing. Web need to drop something, or many things.

He recommends just observing ourselves as if we were someone else. Especially when we feel we are in a negative atmosphere. Just observe. Do nothing but see the reality . The negativity will just vanish, or if not it won’t affect you.

Surely worth a try to gain total bliss.

ICE MELT 7500 B.C.


According to Frank Joseph , a researcher¬† we follow, explains that several Golden Ages arose in the past. These were periods of prosperity when people felt happiness and considered themselves par of something greater than themselves. One of these times was right after the Great Ice Age.People were relieved that the ice was going away and saw an opprtunity to thrive in benign conditions. These conditions were extremely harsh and endurance was required to survive. But there was a chance to advance that wan’t there with the solid ice sheet.

The best place to be in this era was northern Europe. Fertile land was exposed and the conditions were correct to begin agriculture, and put away the hardships of hunting and gathering which were often unreliable. With the advent of agriculture people could stay in one locale and perfect their means of survival.

The great Ice Age which lasted 30,000 years began to melt around 7500B.C. and people started to join together in groups for survival.The groups were under a hundred people or less , because they realized that those numbers were very well suited to peaceful and cooperative living.When the number began to exceed 100 the overage movedoff to begin another grouping elsewhere.At this number no government was necessary. A headman to provide wisdom and settle disagreements was all that was necessary. This made life simple and uncomplicated.Everyone existed in their own pattern, and mostly a happy atmosphere existed.

People worshiped Mother Earth who was bestowing bounty on everyone who grew their own food and improved their lives

This small tribal grouping contiued happily until in 6200B.C. another cataclysm ensued.An 11 degree world wide temperature drop caused renwed flooding. The Laurentide Ice Sheet washed water into the Atlantic raising the sea level worldwide. The agricultural sites of the day were innundated and borders shifted.

The results of the flood changed the feelings of people concerning Mother Earth. They felt betrayed and unsure ofb the future. Religion turned to the skies and Father Sky was now the god of prominence.A new age began which concentrated on maritime skills and studies of the heavens.

As time went on , people began to crowd into larger groupings in the Fertile Crescent near the junction of the Tigres and Euphrates rivers.

They got together in larger groups and started cities.More laws and governance was called for.People to create laws and provide direction for people became necessary.New jobs to regulate the populous came into existence. Underlings for the supervisors erupted as quickly as the jobs grew. Always more overseers were needed.

Consequently less production and more people living off of others came into existence.Top heavy supervision and the competition that always follows started the decline of the sensible living afforded in the small manageable tribe groups. Authoritarianism was the rule in these days.

Out of authoritarianism came totalitarianism because control of the population became important so that tryants could prosper. As the criminal tyrants grasped control and riches; the lessons of living close to nature and keeping a balance of man and nature became lost.

This progression of a golden age moving on from prosperity to a form of slavery,realized or not, is the course that humanity has seemed to have followed ever since.


It is as simple as saying thank you whenever someone does anything for you.Even if in a foreign country where you do not speak the language.Immediately learn a few simpler words to use. The words are usually only a few letters long and require very little memory to remember the word or phrase.It means a lot to hear gratitude in your own language.

I nam astounded by the large majority of people who never thank anyone for anytyhing.It is hard to believe that someone expects anyone to wait on them, much less do it for no sign of thanks.

It is shocking how many older people will just stand in position waiting for someone to guess what they need help with. And then they are unappreciative when someone renders them a service, and they proceed to go about their business without acknowledging the help they were given. What must be going through their minds? What did their parents or guardian instill in them? Self-importance or hubris?

Or this all a modern trend among the young that the world owes them a living.I was thunderstruck when two orf my children told me they didn’t ask to be born. They were young, but some outside influence had to get to them, I thought. But I will never know.As I recall I told them I wish they were not born. What a standoff.

Listening to Tony de Mello recently made me remember that it is all an allusion. That is some concept.What really does reality consist of.The I and the me concepts.Me is everything unreal. Such as I am a dentist.Taking on any label is not real. It is not the source of happiness.I is reality and it means we are happiness. We don’t need to achieve it. We are it. All we need do is drop something. The unreal needs dropping.

So concerning politeness, I need to avoid those people or not regard their conduct in any manner. Just live my life as I see the need and without anyone’s approval.