Roundabouts and Stop Signs

These two aids to traffic control are very similar in what they do for us as driving conscious citizens.
Like Hell they are!
Stop signs are authoritarian edicts put in place to keep you in place. But roundabouts or traffic circles allow you the adult opportunity to decide for yourself how traffic should work.
Accidents have gone down since the appearance of roundabouts, because most people are caused to think more clearly and generously about how to get from here to there.They take responsibility for themselves, and provide a safer environment for themselves and their neighbors.
The simple suggestion that you can think for your self rather than have some unconcerned state minion do it for you. When someone does it for you, there exists a seething animosity towards the edict. Subconsciously you resist the attempt to take away your right to choose.
Therefore,take pleasure in the fact that government may be trusting you at last. Even if they are unaware that they are rewarding you, take advantage of the opportunity. Maybe we can guide them in other areas to release their strangleholds.



Why not both when you think of the U.S. Congress? They certainly fill the role of stupid and awkward, and therefore gormless.They are actually detestable because they are sworn to uphold the Constitution and its provisions protecting the citizenry.Yes ,laws have been sneaked in to undermine the government set up by the founders as protection.To prevent subversion of our own protectors and other outsiders who seek our destruction.
These groups seek to prevent our freedom and elevate their deviant activities.But most have never heard of this secondary government.

The constitutional government still exists but it is totally ineffective in protecting us. The United States Corporation which was clandestinely put into power is lawful, but the people don’t even know it is operating in front of their eyes. Lies obscure the true nature of who is in control. And it is not the U.S.Congress.
If the American people understood this slight of hand, we would have crucifixions ten deep down Pennsylvania Avenue.We await the day.

But the information is not available to the public.The Congress could aid us ,but they are all in bondage.And therefore feckless, or ineffectual.
What is the remedy for this situation we find ourselves in.It is far above most of us to devise a cure. But I don’t believe it is hopeless. We need an outside push to help us see our duty.

What do you tell your kids about college?

Everyplace we turn, people are exclaiming that college is a must. If you don’t go to college, you cannot reach your full potential.That may have been true up until a few short years ago, but now if you go to college and take out loans to do so, you are setting yourself up for a life of debt slavery.
Yes, an engineer, or a physician, or anyone genuinely needing precise training to do their job right, must go to school.
But the average historian or liberal arts degree recipient just can’t get a job that will repay the debt for acquiring the paper.Most jobs allow the debtor to pay enough to cover the interest, but the compounding rolls on.If a person does not understand compound interest, they may even think they are keeping up, until the real world concept befalls them.
Many parents of kids who are first to attend college often do not understand the burden they are recommending to their children ,and it is all the worse when they all make the discovery together.A sad day for all.
Modern parents must start early instilling study habits that put the kid’s scholarship eligibility in a reasonable light.Without scholarships, it is all out of your own pocket
We should start early acquiring a second language on our own.No tuition necessary.We should pick up as many skills as possible as children.Carpentry,sewing,baking,gardening,and any other skill that can be used to create income to offset any tuition you may feel necessary for your life.
Sports activities should be kept to a minimum, or pursue the athletic skill you are best suited. In other words, extracurricular activity should be directed at skills that can earn you money, or that will help in your chosen career.
Childhood is not a time to waste your energies on fun only. Make learning a language fun. Make library visits fun, and make sure you use library time count. Don’t just look at pictures. Have a goal in mind.
If you decide that college is for you or your kids, make sure the degree they pursue will be worthy of them in the present day situation. We all would like to spend our time appreciating art and music. But if this leads to a future homeless shelter , maybe rethink your plan.


I just had a recent incident at a Panera store. I have had this happen repeatedly, and it dissoloves my faith in the next generation.
I ordered a couple of hoagie rolls. The braintrust behind the counter asked then how many I wanted. I thought I had just clearly told him. He said ,do you want two or three? I reminded him how many people make up a couple as a clue to my need.
He did catch on at that point. But my realization how complete the destruction of our language and the education system that presents it ,has been destroyed.Marx and his followers have achieved their goal of creating confusion and chaos very deftly.
Now we get to live with it.

Deep State

We talk about the Deep State, and find it difficult to identify who makes up the group that propels this idea.If we see the men and women who are officials of are supposed representative government, we can begin to uncover who the perpetrators of this forced enslavement.

There is no doubt that we are enslaved as much as any galley slave of the past. Our oars are less visible. But they are there. They are present because we can not easily cast them off. Taxation, which is forced violence on us, cannot be avoided without emprisionment  being used to curtail  make sure no one tries to escape.

But ask our fellow citizens if we are prisioners. Well maybe , but it’s not that bad. We still raise our families, at dire expense. We still educate our children, but overlook the fact that they are extremely ignorant. Their teachers are ignorant and programmed to think they are educating our children. But the definitions they have been trained with , are misdirecting them before they misdirect our kids.Albeit unknowingly, but that is how it was planned long ago.

Observe the people being exposed in Congressional investigations and try to piece together how disruptive these officials have been to our future. If we watch these people and their associations with others, maybe we can uncover our controllers. Maybe! They are slick and shifty.


A mentor of mine of Asian Indian descent, Dinesh D’Souza has just alerted me to wake up. Regarding what? Well I can’t remember what category he was proposing a wake up , but it closely resembles a remark or a campaign by another of his lansmen.

His fellow countryman would be Tony deMello, a Jesuit priest who has mentored me for years.Tony I know was from Goa, and hence the “D before his name indicating Portugese ” influence. The same could be true of Dinesh but I don’t know for sure. I just like their clraity and intelligence.

Tony has constantly been calling for awareness, so as to displace illusions. Dwelling on illusions leads to living an unreal life. Dinesh just called for us to awaken so we can see what is really occuring. They sound very similar, but have different life paths.

Both words can mean very much the same thing.As a matter of fact Tony often says wake up, eventhough his main theme is awareness. Often he says many words can be used to explain the same idea. He always says you can express the same idea in many ways. But they all mean seeing the truth, the reality of a situation.

How do you know what is real and what is not? Real does not depend on theories or procedures. Experiencing a thing is what is necessary. Not being concerned about what others may say.

Why am I even mentioning all this? Because these men from similar backgrounds are both pointing out how many things are cloaked in disguises. They can be misleading in many ways. Dinesh speaks about history, politics, and economics. Tony speaks more from a philosophical and theological  perspective.

My dilemma is an elevated blood pressure reading that I can’t seenm to reduce .I use energy techniques , a half measure raw food diet, and other assorted supplements. Nothing has worked yet, but I will stick with my plan of energy use and observation.

My BP problem seems to be of mental origin and I’m not getting to the answer.Tony says just observe, and see what comes up.A problem will dissolve when observed. Maybe I have not taken this to heart fully.

Let this Holy Saturday be the start of a new observerence of myself.

I will keep this piece open and unpublished to be able to add to this coming week. Well, I have edited a bit and added a bit , but only going through it will suffice.


There was a school in England where children were allowed to be themselves. There was no fear of failure or the studying of repugnant subjects. You were allowed to study whatever appealed to you.You could pursue any life course that you wanted. If your surgeon father or attorney mother wanted you to follow in their footsteps, it only happened if you wanted it.

Many a supposedly successful profesional had their dreams for their children dashed, but they had happily attaining children with lives they had chosen.

A.S. Neil the founder of Summerhill knew that unhappy children were always staying close to their parents. They lived in fear of not having their parents approval. Approval is a strong drug that has been drilled into the lives of these unhappy souls.Happy well adjusted children were much more interested in things than people and had no need of parental attention.

They pursued their interests and thrived on their freedom. They grew in all ways by being allowed to explore and judge for themselves what is good for them.

The general rule of minding your own business and staying out of others concerns was observed at Summerhill.

There is a book of the same name that can be read for an in depth portrayal of daily life at the school. The many successes of the graduates are also told to show how well giving freedom works in the educational field.