Recently Daniel Estulin in his book ,”In the Shadows of the Presidency” offers a remedy for the gigantic number of derivatives that exist today. They far outweigh other forms of financial instruments, and have been overused in their time. There are so many derivatives in existence that they could cause a collapse on their own.

Estulin’s recommendation is to declare all derivative contracts null and void. Also derivatives cannot ever again be used in our markets. Most of this could be handled by The Presidential order.

I was not aware this could be done, but it could lift the debt load off the back’s of American taxpayers.

Just perform the Lavabo,that is,” wash our hands of it.” This criminal and detestable financial instrument must go the way of all useless things.


Someone Behind The Bible

Who wrote the bible?I always answered that it was probably some old Jew responsively. I didn’t know who, or think it was one person. But new evidence put together by a researcher named Ralph Ellis has put the finger on one first century writer called Josephus Flavius. A Roman historian? No, an old Judean hired by the Romans. He even changed his Jewish name to reflect a Romanized version to hide his real identity.The Jews of today are still the most prolific name changers, and they are still doing it for the same reason of identity deception.

Rome needed a story to boost their enhance their empire building.Religion is a great place to build ideas and hide motives.
Therefore Josephus who was already a known writer of skill was charged with developing a hero who could be used to build a dream.

Jesus never existed as put forth in the myths.The actual Jesus character of the time was an Egyptian of Hyksos origin living in Edessa as a king. He had royal blood from four sources. He was descended from a Julius Caesar and Cleopatra relationship recorded by Cicero. He had Egyptian and Roman royal blood. He was descended from the Persian throne by his mother ,a daughter of the aforementioned relationship and her marriage to the Persian king as a diplomatic bride. He had a fourth source of royal blood through the North African king lineage.

Josephus was known before this time as Saul, or St. Paul.

Now this is something to investigate. Have a good chew!



How does one come to grips with the idea that you are the subject of an impending extinction event? How do you even know you are involved in one?
The Main Stream Media (MSM) does not report the severe results of the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear reactor.The sea life of the North Pacific has declined to such a degree that only 80 killer whales in emaciated condition remain.
The MSM also fails to inform us concerning the unending particulate matter being dispersed into the environment.
University professors have gone so far as to tell students that it is a natural phenomenon and supposedly just don’t pay attention to your lying eyes. When I see exhaust coming out of jetliners and not disappearing in a few minutes, I know it is not a natural occurrence. And my eyes are not lying.
The Japanese Government has outlawed speaking about Fukushima as a disaster event under penalty of arrest. That in itself should provoke suspicion. But the media don’t report this either. So it is very difficult to make informed decisions.

Socialism has failed

Socialism is a constant failing idea, but its proponents will not admit it.Its tenets are anti-human and counter intuitive. That is why it fails.Everybody wants to be comfortable and happy, but only the elitists at the top gain those privileges.The math does not work ,and always moves to failure. Force is the only tool the socialists can employ to keep it going during its failing days.

The Soviet economy was a whopping 5% of the American economy after 75 years of the great Bolshevik experiments.Everyone was starving except those holding the political reins. And they had to kill off the close internal competition at alarming rates to maintain their status.

To make an economy work freely and without coercion,private property must be respected. The discovery of prices through a free market system is a necessity. A profit and loss market feedback mechanism is a provider of truth. Everything depends upon economic freedom in general. Without freedoms, every item is based on falsehood.

The goal of achieving a true equal status for every person is a fools dream. Every individual is so uniquely different that thinking everyone can be satisfied with the same answers overlooks basic human nature.The politically connected elites are always pleased, while the masses are held in poverty unable to voice their displeasure by force.Violence is always necessary to deter individual goals and plans. Without violence these socialists states would in volute immediately.

But Sweden is always offerred as a true socialist state where everyone’s needs are fulfilled.They are living off the proceeds of their successful 19th and early 20th century capitalism. Without that savings account they would have gone down with the other major socialist countries.Sweden produced not one single new job from 1955-1995.

Socialism in the 19th Century meant the state owns the means of production.

But today you must add the progressive income tax,suffocating regulations and taxes. An uninspired workforce, families without direction or discipline,mountains of out of wedlock babies, and beggars with no means of support are the proud results of socialism.But don’t try to bring this up on a college campus or lay it at the doorstep of socialism.If you do it will be censored out of existence by the paid adherents of social thought- our professor corps.

Teach your child to lose

Thinking of your child learning to lose for the first time in front of a red-neck drill sergeant or a partially psychotic civil servant is dismantling.It is therefore very important for a parent to walk your child through the steps from an early age. Counter intuitive yes. But keenly important.

The sound of a mother praising her child saying “good job ,buddy”, to either a boy or girl is a scary preparation for failure in the future.It would be much more reassuring to say keep up the effort and it will pay off. Rather, modern parenting calls for no failure at any cost or time.

During early middle age I had contact with many traders from the commodity exchanges in Chicago.They were glamorous and seemed to have life in control. They were riding high on the wave of success.But for many of them it was only an act. Not all of them were really succeeding.Many were struggling because they didn’t know how to be good losers.

One of my most highly regarded advisors in the trading field always said, “everybody loses out down here in the same way.” Overtrading is what he was referring to. However he would not ever clearly illustrate the full idea.It meant discipline. Discipline at the exchanges meant money management. This term was never clearly explained either.

Another of my highly successful advisors told me that “to be a good winner, you must first be a good loser.”That did not make sense at the time, because I not only wanted to be a good winner, but also a big winner. It seemed that they did want any competition from me.That was not the case. They knew it was important to give a few clues , but you should not spell it out in detail.

The real wisdom did not become apparent to me until years later. I had become a decent winner, only to become a big loser. Although I never lost back all of what I won, I lost enough to keep me out of the game for many years.

The real secret involves not over trading by using money management to keep your inevitable losses small enough that it does not effect you emotionally. That it does not scare you out of the game and deplete your resources. You become a good loser when you repeatedly take small losses which happen to everyone. Then when the opportunity to make a win occurs, you are able to place your moderate position and let it work out for you fearlessly.

The very same procedure of letting your child fail many times and allowing them to pick themselves up and begin again with your encouragement will prepare them for the numerous hits they will experience in all facets of life. This is a true gift of love that will pay dividends and limit losses.


It has always been my belief that if something is offered with bacon or it is free of charge; it will be an instant success. That is why a you tube video entitled “Heal yourself , it’s free” was enticing to me.I’m always on the prowl for free things.
This also had the sizzle of bacon. Of course I realize there are very few free things.Even sex has hidden costs and hairpin turns.But in this case even dividends are possible and probable.I’m thinking this is a standout benefit.

Most people would love to think they could cure themselves of all illnesses.Our health is always number one on our happiness chart. Without it, forget anything else that might raise your happiness quotient.

Well, maybe self cures are reachable. But trying to get the average Joe to believe it is another story. This is a real obstacle.They usually require some authority figure to endorse it.That is going to be me when I have my proof. But only with the advice and consent of the person we are trying to help.

And I will make sure you see how beneficial this program can be for you too.

When something is new and mysterious it is hard to find someone to go out on a limb recommending it.We fear that our acknowledged genius class would look down on it. They accuse any new alternative health care as witchcraft.And anyone espousing its use would surely be considered a sorcerer.

The fact that many people derive their living from organized medicine and would love to intellectually embrace new ideas of self healing.But the idea of their own children starving or unable to acquire a premium education would surely shake them up. A denunciation of anything you might use to avoid them as providers would be denounced.

My doctor,who is an M.D. trained in Mexico , but not licensed here in the Norte is continually telling me of alternative treatments for solving my own medical problems.I’m sure his colleagues think he is nuts, but he does a lot of good. And his fees are nominal. And he prevents a lot of painful procedures that the legitimate medical fakers would herald as the only way to a cure. Oops, you can’t say cure regarding traditional medicine.Maybe that should be a hint of the inherent hypocrisy.

The suffering is justified to them for you and yours. But find out for yourself just how many M.D.s undergo chemo or radiation.They avoid it like any sensible creatures who have all the appropriate information. That is not you, slug.

Now I think I may have a good alternative for my doctor. But I’m not going to tell him about it until I can prove its effectiveness for myself.I want to raise my level to knowledgeable from belief.

He uses a software computer program that shows where imbalances exist in your body right down to the cellular level,and lower.Then he goes about putting your body back in balance. I have been involved with this type of treatment for about three years.Before I went to this man for diagnosis and treatment, I was introduced to this same alternate by trusted friends in Florida.So my expectations and understanding of the program were in place already.

I really feel that I should have made more progress in the amount of time I have dedicated to this type of treatment. Yes, I have not fully cooperated by radically changing my own personal lifestyle. But I have made progress in weight loss and stress reduction.

But recently I have come upon a You-Tube series that appealed to me overwhelmingly on first glance. Why? Because it totally depends on me alone. It allows me to choose when and where I will practice this method. No travel to a medical office is necessary. Once I get initiated into the one minute explanation of how it works, I’m ready to start.Yes, one minute is all it takes.

As a child at St. Margaret Mary’s grammar school, I remember a discussion in class about psychology. It was the first time I had heard of this weird topic because it was fourth grade. But the nun leading the discussion was convinced that psychology and the function of our brain was all powerful and could be a force for good in our lives.

From that day forward I was looking for the process instinctively that I felt was out there.I know it is out there, but at the time did not understand how it was being held back from us. Why is it being hidden?that it is another control for our handlers would seem likely to me.

The first question that would pop into our minds, being well indoctrinated Catholics, was whether God would approve of this topic.He must have ,or the Sisters of St. Joseph would never have broached the topic in discussion.The upshot of idea was that the brain could do amazing things, far more than any of us realized. Our mind and free will were priceless gifts from God we were told.

The nuns never said it in so many words but this tremendous gift was ours and could do untold feats. Some people would consider this tool a miracle. If true that we possessed this gift we should be able to heal ourselves of anything.

Having been in the healing art of dentistry for forty-five years;I don’t remember running into many self healers.Anyone proclaiming such ability would inherit the wrath of other practitioners near them. You would immediately come to the attention of professional organizations. State boards of exam would be alerted to your wayward drift.

It is threatening to your professional colleagues who despise any advantage you may have uncovered. The mystery of diagnosis of specific diseases and their concomitant cures must be kept inviolate. Treatments can’t claim cures. That would thin out the already slim herd of patients.

Yes, treatments that involve money, sometimes travel, sometimes pain, and some unknowns must be kept in the venue of the hard working slugs. The unknowns are only helpful with a dependent and a poorly illumined patient base.

You can imagine when you hear a claim of absolute healing without having to know the specific name of the disease process. How about reducing the cost to near zero. Add in the learning curve being non-existent.Have you heard any benefits yet? The accepted practitioners of health care are quivering in their boots.Lets be honest, they are the guardians of disease , not health.

Well, I’m in the process of applying what I have learned exclusively from the internet.I’m five days into this Slap and Stretch routine.I’m enjoying it, even though the stretching is somewhat painful for me. There was a time when my father and I were in the same yoga class. The instructor pronounced us as the two most inflexible participants she had ever taught.I’m sure this accounts for my painful sessions now, but I anticipate it getting much better.

My Doctor has been persuading me to go to the Santa Marta mountains in Colombia, where indigenous healers live. He says they are descendants of Atlantis or Lemuria.I had never heard of the latter, and had little knowledge of the former. But I’m gaining some understanding of each. And I think I may be able to delay my travel due to this new technique on the internet.

He tells of different tribes living in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico, who are also healers. Many of these people are very tall and much different from the rest of us.

Who are these people? They may be the remnant of long ago vanished civilizations. People with extraordinary powers to heal.People
who had a higher ability to heal than we have. They survived the cataclysms of the past when most of their families died in tragedies. The survivors held on to their cultures. I don’t know about a lot of it, but I am willing to listen and try.

I don’t believe there is any danger in trying.The real danger is in writing off this chance as an impossibility. I think many would like to discourage any venture into this misty arena, just because no authority has pronounced it safe and proper.

Who benefits from discouraging our attempts to help ourselves? And who benefits if we find this self help regimen as a tool to find health freedom.

Keep tuned.I will report my progress. I am dedicated to spreading this word if I can prove to myself first that it heals. If convinced I will teach it and share it readily.If my own systems and health deficiencies improve I will spend my days helping others to heal themselves.

For Yourself

There are things which can only be done by ourselves, to help yourself. What are these things?
The first thing that comes to mind is having a spiritual sense about yourself. It seems best to reach for your own conclusions in this area, because in my experience every time I tried to get help from others, they charged heavy fees for their assistance.
Many times they lead you in a wrong direction also, which enhances their fee structure to save you from the dangers. They still blamed these aberrant journeys on you and your inability to follow directions.
So as difficult as it may be, we must develop our own conclusions. We must employ our own intuition. It is the only safe ground that protects you from counterfeits.
Everything in our present world seems to point us away from trusting our intuition. The idea of everything should raise a sound warning for us.