What does it really mean? It means the ability to live unrestricted by the norms of others. You must be able to earn a living and not have some leeches erode your effort for their own means.I have spent my whole life paying tribute to political and religious figures whose only claim to fame was their ability to keep me in line with the fear of punishment, jail; for not freely giving them part of my earnings.
The receipt of your first check as an employee is always a shocking jolt when you realize how many people wish to share in your labor.The undeserving recipients are listed on your check stub.
With respect to religion your eternal soul is on the line for all sorts of transgressions.What sort of god would threaten his supposedly loved understudies with eternal damnation in burning fires?
So freedom’s first step is to free your mind from these penalties imposed by earthlings on unsuspecting a victims. Especially because the real information concerning life is occluded.
It is a very hard step to take unloading the fears imposed on us by con men and controllers.But it is a step we need to take.

Drain Toxic Energy-Four Points

My Qi Gong teacher and mentor Chunyi Lin has recently mentioned the way to get rid of junk energy in the body. There are are four main areas of concern to be addressed.
The most advantageous area is on the eyebrows at points on either side of the nose.It contains the most acupuncture points of any area of the body,sixty in number.
A small depression can be felt when you feel your bony eyebrow line. Just press on this area of depression for five seconds while massaging in a rotating motion. Do this for five seconds and then release for three seconds. Continue to do this for at least thirty seconds.But if you can do it for a few minutes it would be better.Pressing to the point of your personal comfort is your guide.
This is the bladder channel which goes from the brow over the head and down the back crossing to the front of the legs and exiting at the small toe.
Do this procedure as often as you like and see how clear and free you feel.
Another point to be massaged is on the cheek bone beneath the middle of the eye.This is the stomach channel.These two points on both sides of the face can be massaged also for five seconds on and three off. Repeat for at least thirty seconds or longer if possible.
This second area of drainage covers the front of the body and goes down to a point of exit in the second toe.
Light tapping on this pressure point can afford a different feel to the drainage technique.Assess the amount of pressure acceptable to your own liking.
These two channels act like the liver in flushing out physical waste, whereas here energetic waste and garbage is released.
The above four key points of energy cleansing can be used as often as you like.

An Insider

A researcher and writer that I know, Yochi Shimatsu, recently explained a way some people become insiders.It involves a relationship with people associated with the Illuminati, and another involved with the Jesuits as their mentors.
The men are usually called Jesuit lay people.They have gone to some form of Jesuit school where they get chosen for their ability to follow rules. They must be willing to follow orders given them from a Jesuit director.
The Jesuits themselves take an oath to the Superior General of The Society of Jesus, as if he was God himself.This is said to be under pain of death, but that is hard to prove even though it is written in their books.I can only imagine that these Jesuit wannabes must take a similar oath of obedience.
Many things about the order are spoken but hard to prove because they value secrecy so highly.
The second component is a Jewess who has a family background in the Illuminati.She has been molded in the ways of her ancestors since birth.
The Illuminati was formed in 1776 by Adam Weiskopf a Jewish Jesuit novice who later teamed with Mayer Amschel Bauer, the founder of the Rothschild line.
The two components with their individual skill sets are now married and become a formidable force for international intrigue and power building.
The Jesuit matchmakers unfold opportunities galore for these adventurous and cunning couples now prepared to undermine opponents as they as chosen for them.
The global perspectives are manufactured at high level Masonic Lodges and Jesuit facilities the world over.
A list of likely couples will be copiled and offered at a later date.

BioResonance Therapy

I now have three sources of information concerning the effective diagnosis and treatment of disease conditions in the body by use of software in a computer.Formerly I feel I was told in seminar that this was Russian work for treatment of cosmonauts in space.That may very well be true, but I cannot find corroboration yet.
My first experience with this strange new therapy was in Florida with Merri and Gary Scott. Their long time friend Bob Shane was demoing this treatment during a writing seminar.I had a short introduction by him that day, but I felt I would wait and see how this developed around the country before diving in.
Anything this innovative should sweep through the country unimpeded.It has not been impeded, but has not been noticed either.
When I returned home after my seminar, our ski club president announced that a local physician was offering free diagnosis to all our club members with this new software device.It sounded very much like Bob Shane’s device.
I went and had the free consult and have been going ever since for treatments. I must admit that I do not fully understand the treatment program parameters and so today when I heard another person,Neil Keenan , ballyhooing the same device, I said my understanding must increase.
My plan is to reengage with Bob Shane and see if he will explain the program in detail.Bob is a recently retired physicist from Boeing. I have utter confidence that he will help me understand the program better.
I feel that there must be some expected date of improvement or healing that can be relied on.
When able I will report back in detail.


Internet announcements by independent authors announce a strong resistance to the elite presently in control. They list groups called the Gnostic Illuminati and the White Dragon Society.

These groups are dedicated to eradicating the present masters of our globe. It is said that many are on notice of arrest in the coming year. Lesser operatives are already being arrested.

Just hearing these allegations inspires hope.Good luck to the white hats and the good guys.

Finding Out

Many cannot understand why I listen to talk radio so much. It is for information that is otherwise unspoken. Often I am astounded when I hear something interpreted differently than I had known before.

Considering all the filters my early education required, it is not surprising that the new information is refreshing. Often something you always knew, is no longer true, or the way it was expressed before.

The filters were church officials, political controllers, parents and their parents, and a media urged to not ruffle the feathers of anyone important. It is shocking how much we are protected for our own good. But we know it is not for our own good , but the well being of others whose positions of fame and wealth would suffer if the truth was known.

Sometimes I wonder if I dwell in the information arena too much. But every time I examine the proposition, I conclude that I must keep going.


The 46 Precepts

My physician gave me a homework assignment yesterday.He may have given me this assignment before, but I did not rise to the occasion.This time I plan to find out what the precepts are at least. Then if I discover the actual precepts I will be way ahead. I guess.

The only reason that I am taking this more seriously this time, is that I feel Jose Vargas is a sincere man who is searching for truth. He is looking in unorthodox places, because these ideas have been hidden to protect the innocent. The innocent are anyone who would like to do good , but are stopped by false versions of the truth.Much has been hidden from us to really protect the guilty.Those that would control us by keeping useful information hidden are the culprits.This is hard to prove, but our guts tell the true story of deceit and prod us in our search.

It is with that motivation that I begin this search for truth.I realize that the truth lies within me, so I will use my meditative techniques and releasing techniques to remove blockages.I also pursue new ideas to fertilize my knowledge base.