Tavistock Has Us, and WE have No Idea.

It became clear to me that if you are communicating with good honest people, and no agreement seems possible between oppossing sides and their views; maybe both are right or both are wrong.

The present danger of brainwashing ability by third or fourth or other parties is an accomplished tool being used by groups who want to keep people separated by ideas and mores. It serves their purpose of being able to control others for reasons known to them. Usually the goal is profit.

The little known Tavistock Institute At Sussex University in Great Britain was begun by a nephew of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.Alledgedly aided by the Jesuit order, they have been breaking spirits and minds of men since its inception in the early Twentieth Century.

Last night at dinner with family and friends, I was tempted to say that what my contrary opinionated friends were saying ,was based on false news and information. I wanted to say this when they said the same thing first about my sources.

Could we both be wrong? The immediate conclusion for me was that they had poor information. They seemed ready to lead a Crusade in their attainment of disciplews to their cause. I know I felt the same.

It dawned on me that if Tavistock is as good at deception as I’m told, we could both be suffering at their hands. How cunning! How jesuitical!

I’m very happy that this alternate pathway to understanding presented itself. I shall study more deeply the workings of this Deep State group. It does not matter the answers that I find. The looking will be clarifying and keep friendships from tumbling into bad feelings and hurtful results.



It has been hard for me to zero in on my purpose in life. It is important to know because it should elevate your actions in a positive direction.I also have a tough time staying on task, and a clear view of one’s objectives would enhance your path.
When I hear ideas that have intentionally been hidden from the general population, I have a real desire to propagate those ideas. This involves risk.
The risk to your ego because the acceptance rate of forbidden ideas is low amongst the brain washed public.I do not blame the people, because the opposition has gigantic resources. They have been engineering their plans over centuries, and their objectives come with rewards of power and wealth.Since Babylonia and Sumeria these people have been resolute in grabbing power and centralizing it.

Our responses are limited and die off as our proponents die off.Our ideas must be passed on through families and groups that are always under attack by our adversaries.

Having the money and power advantage has defeated us in the past, but it is a wonder that we keep going in the face of our own failures. Maybe there is something hidden that we don’t see easily, but is still there to buoy us up.

I read a piece recently that said make a list of the things you think are your purpose, and when you write down one that makes you cry; that is your purpose.

In a earlier life I listened to a psychiatrist’s tapes explaining that you should write down what you most like to do. From this list you could determine your life purpose. My list disclosed my addictions which should have tipped me off to a possible course correction, but to no avail.

Tony deMello has slowed me up a bit, but my addictive pursuits still raise their heads periodically.

Possibly a sign of grudging progress.

Our Justice System Is 5000 Years Old

Shocking isn’t it, if true. But I believe it is true, because I believe the researcher who told me that fact.

He based his opinion on the idea that five principles support our justice system, and that was true five thousands years ago.They work so well that they don’t need improvement. As a matter of fact, they can’t be adjusted without ruining them.

The ancient maurading tribesmen that settled into villages for good rather than raiding them yearly, are the people or thugs that devised the rules. The rules made it easier for the thugs to control and reap rewards and plunder on a more dependable schedule, and with less fear of losses to themselves.

When they settled in, they determined to propose laws laid down by a superior being or a leading figure that could be admired and believed.

A small minority was charged with the enforcement of the laid down laws.
The same minority would extract payments from their clients as a fee for protection and a meting out of justice.

The justice was not fair or worth the price paid, but the people were convinced that it was as good as it could get. All the leaders agreed that this was true.

Adjustments to the rules and exceptions were not allowed. They were forbidden and enfringements were harshly punished.

It is estimated that 2% of the population is sociopathic. Sociopaths do not feel regret for extending hardships, pain ,death or anything else on another person. They are perfectly suited for the minority rulership class.

Politicians are primarily sociopathic. It is an ideal environment for them. They gather at the centers of power and grow.

Be armed with this knowledge before encouraging your children to go to law school, or entering into the selfless service to others. I suspect many seminaries and convents and monasteries are breeding grounds for sociopaths in the making.


David Harold “Dry Hole” Byrd was the cousin of Antarctic explorer, Admiral Richard E. Byrd. D.H. was an independent oil man in Texas. He was the founder of the Civil Air Patrol.D.H. was the owner of the Texas School Book Depository.
Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged and untried assassin of John Fitzgerald Kennedy worked at the Texas School Book Depository. Lee Harvey Oswald was a teenage member of the Civil Air Patrol.
In early November of 1963 D.H Byrd and his friend James Ling bought two and a half million dollars of depressed aircraft manufacturer LTV. Ling was the founder of this company whose shares were depressed because of lack of military contracts due to the Kennedy peace proposals.
Two years after LBJ took the reins of government due to a chance opening in the executive suite; Byrd and Ling’s holdings were estimated at fifty million dollars.
Byrd’s nickname and Ling’s depressed business had a favorable turn probably because the good guys always win.It pays to be lucky.

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can be very destructive. When bothered by them we must identify the thought. Then observe the thought in us. When you can identify the thought and accept it, it will dissolve on its own. No need to do anything else.
These negativities are a result of our addictions and cravings.
In a psyhological self exam I once enumerated what I liked most in life.To my recent surprise each one described an addiction that I was aware of, but not admitting their importance to my unhappiness.
It seems important to examine these addictions again and set up a new path to happiness.Dropping these afflictions will leave underlying happiness to rise to the surface.
Better late than never could be said.How will we know if it will be done, until we do it.


What does it really mean? It means the ability to live unrestricted by the norms of others. You must be able to earn a living and not have some leeches erode your effort for their own means.I have spent my whole life paying tribute to political and religious figures whose only claim to fame was their ability to keep me in line with the fear of punishment, jail; for not freely giving them part of my earnings.
The receipt of your first check as an employee is always a shocking jolt when you realize how many people wish to share in your labor.The undeserving recipients are listed on your check stub.
With respect to religion your eternal soul is on the line for all sorts of transgressions.What sort of god would threaten his supposedly loved understudies with eternal damnation in burning fires?
So freedom’s first step is to free your mind from these penalties imposed by earthlings on unsuspecting a victims. Especially because the real information concerning life is occluded.
It is a very hard step to take unloading the fears imposed on us by con men and controllers.But it is a step we need to take.

Drain Toxic Energy-Four Points

My Qi Gong teacher and mentor Chunyi Lin has recently mentioned the way to get rid of junk energy in the body. There are are four main areas of concern to be addressed.
The most advantageous area is on the eyebrows at points on either side of the nose.It contains the most acupuncture points of any area of the body,sixty in number.
A small depression can be felt when you feel your bony eyebrow line. Just press on this area of depression for five seconds while massaging in a rotating motion. Do this for five seconds and then release for three seconds. Continue to do this for at least thirty seconds.But if you can do it for a few minutes it would be better.Pressing to the point of your personal comfort is your guide.
This is the bladder channel which goes from the brow over the head and down the back crossing to the front of the legs and exiting at the small toe.
Do this procedure as often as you like and see how clear and free you feel.
Another point to be massaged is on the cheek bone beneath the middle of the eye.This is the stomach channel.These two points on both sides of the face can be massaged also for five seconds on and three off. Repeat for at least thirty seconds or longer if possible.
This second area of drainage covers the front of the body and goes down to a point of exit in the second toe.
Light tapping on this pressure point can afford a different feel to the drainage technique.Assess the amount of pressure acceptable to your own liking.
These two channels act like the liver in flushing out physical waste, whereas here energetic waste and garbage is released.
The above four key points of energy cleansing can be used as often as you like.